jQuery Proximity

A simple plugin that fires events based on the proximity of the cursor to an element.

Assuming this particular wheel had already been invented, I hit the intrawebs looking for a valid solution. And, after a little digging, jQuery Approach pulled ahead as the front-runner. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t quite granular enough – I needed something with a little more control.

So I wrote a simple plugin that, when tied to an element and given a ‘range’, fires events that provide feedback, particularly a percentage of how far the cursor is to the element when compared to the total range.

When the cursor is at distance greater than or equal to the ‘range’, a percentage of ’1' is given. If the cursor is hovering over the element, a percentage of ’0' is given. Anywhere else will give a number between ’0' and ’1' depending on the proximity of the cursor to the element.

To see some examples, go the demo page or view the project on GitHub!

Fork On GitHub!

~ posted in professional on 01.14.2011